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Introductory Session - Getting to know you

Before your first full session, a free 15-minute phone call will take place to get to know each other to ensure we are a good fit for one another.

Session time: 15 minutes


Session One – Your Health History

This session is all about getting to know you, your health history, your family’s health history, your current health concerns, your goals and aspirations. This session is longer than the others to ensure there is enough time to cover all topics in detail.

Session time: 1 hour


Session Two – Your Health Goals

Here we dive into goal setting, creating action steps which will allow you to reach these goals, for 1 month, 3 month and 6-month goals.

Session time: 50 minutes


Following Sessions – 

The following sessions will be around working through these action steps, discussing concerns which may arise as we start working on your goals, and things that may be stunting your ability to push forward to achieving your goals.

Session time: 50 minutes

Session Information

Whats Included?

Well, that depends which program you decide to jump onto, the options are:

  • One month

  • Three months

  • Six months

There is always the option to continue once your program has finished.

If you choose a program longer than one month, you can access a personalised online portal to support your journey.  Kai uploads resources to this portal, including: podcasts, articles, recipes, session tips, session appointment times and more. You can also benefit from unlimited email and phone support from Kai for the length of your program.

All clients get the opportunity to join Kai’s mailing list, which she sends out via email once a month (don’t worry she won’t spam you) and this includes seasonal recipes, tips and tricks to staying healthy, and any current promotions.

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